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We Create Clean Spaces

Let's be clear, Desert Dogs are NOT day laborers. We are Veterans from the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

We work with the top builders in Arizona and emphasize cleanliness, compliance, productivity and safety. Our crews are trained and ready to make a difference in your community!

Desert Dogs are fully prepared to help you plan and and complete projects around your home, property or business. Whether we are removing old junk from your home, helping with demolition or renovations, or keeping your home running efficiently with our handyman services, Desert Dogs have your back!

What Makes Us Desert Dogs?

Our dedication to each job, customer and our Nation's heroes. We're not just Veteran-owned and operated, they also make up our workforce!


Desert Dogs works with the Phoenix Veterans' Administrations, U.S. Vets, The Wounded Warrior Project and Habitat for Humanity to ensure that our Nation's Veterans have a place to work, a community that welcomes them and a brotherhood that understands where they've been.

Who You Invite To Your Home Matters

Desert Dogs are professional, clean, and prompt. We will complete the job to your satisfaction and leave your space free from clutter.. Guaranteed!

We are fully SWPPP-Certified, Bonded and Insured, so rest easy when you schedule your next project today.

Click below to learn more about each service that we offer. Desert Dogs offer free quotes and estimates, as well as a 24-month warranty on all services completed!

Desert Dogs Give Back


Desert Dogs are proud to work with other organizations in the area helping those in need! We regularly work with organizations such as the Veterans Administration, Reveille Foundation, Young Marines and Habitat for Humanity. It's our duty!


"A very hard situation (clearing a hoarder home) was made so much easier with caring and responsive assistance! Leaving the trailer to fill on my time, then retrieving it when I was finished was perfect. The folks who delivered and picked up the load destined for the landfill were respectful and polite. I have them on speed dial should I need similar services in the future!!!"

Athena W.

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