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We Create Clean Spaces

Arizona's Desert Dogs are NOT day laborers. We are veterans of the U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. We work with the top builders in Arizona and emphasize cleanliness, compliance, productivity and safety. Our crews are trained and ready to make a difference in your community. We are well known around Phoenix for our junk removal services; if you need it gone, call us and we're on our way! 

Desert Dogs are fully equipped to assist you in planning and executing projects for your home, property, or business.. Whether we are  towing away that old clunker, remodeling your kitchen, or saving the day with our handyman services, Desert Dogs have your back!

What Makes Us Desert Dogs?

Our dedication to each job we complete, every customer we serve, and to our Nation's Heroes. Desert Dogs are veteran-owned and operated! We make up a large percentage of  the company's workforce, bringing with us the values instilled during our service. We prioritize integrity, attention to detail and accountability for our work.

Desert Dogs proudly works with the Phoenix Veterans' Administration, U.S. Vets, and Habitat for Humanity to ensure that our Nation's veterans find employment, a community that welcomes them and a stable environment fostering growth and development.

Who You Invite To Your Home Matters

Our technicians care about you, your family, and your home. When you hire a Desert Dog, you're getting an expert that you can trust. Desert Dogs are professional, clean, and prompt. We will complete the job to your satisfaction and leave your space free from clutter.. We create clean spaces!

We love completing large projects such as room additions and remodels, but we also specialize in the smaller stuff: drywall repairs, ceiling fan installations, TV mounting and more. Our Skilled Services technicians are ready to tackle anything you throw at them!

Alternatively, if you're drowning in clutter, our junk removal teams are standing by. We serve all of Phoenix; tell us where it is and we'll take it! We frequently remove old furniture, appliances, and sometimes even hoarder homes! Desert Dogs are eco-conscious, and will always recycle or donate eligible items to organizations for families in need.

Click below to learn about all of our services.. Desert Dogs offer free quotes and estimates, as well as a 24-month warranty on all services we complete!

Desert Dogs Give Back


Desert Dogs are proud to work with other organizations in the area helping those in need! We regularly work with organizations such as the Veterans Administration, Reveille Foundation, Young Marines and Habitat for Humanity. It's our duty!


"A very hard situation (clearing a hoarder home) was made so much easier with caring and responsive assistance! Leaving the trailer to fill on my time, then retrieving it when I was finished was perfect. The folks who delivered and picked up the load destined for the landfill were respectful and polite. I have them on speed dial should I need similar services in the future!!!"

Athena W.

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