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Junk Removal Services

Clutter Inspires Us

Desert Dogs are proud to offer our premium junk removal services to anyone in the Phoenix / Valley area!

Whether you have old appliances that need to be removed and disposed of, furniture that you've been meaning to get rid of for months, or need help clearing out a hoarder home, Desert Dogs have your back!

Contact us today to learn more about these services and to get started on your free quote!


What Can We Haul?

If you've got junk, we've got the trailer. Just tell us what you need gone and we'll take care of the rest!

Check out our list of services that we currently offer, and reach out if you have a special need or request. We'll come to a solution together!


Junk Removal Services (Phoenix)

Desert Dogs are your Phoenix go-to when it comes to junk removal! Some of the most common items that we remove include:


We'll get rid of old refrigerators, stoves or anything else that needs to go!


You planned on using that old furniture, but now it's been sitting for years.. Let us take it off your hands and clear up valuable space around your home!

Hoarder Situations

Desert Dogs are experienced in dealing with hoarder situations. Whether it's an attic, basement, room or the entire home, we'll help you get everything sorted and disposed of properly (and respectfully, of course).

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