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Commercial Services

 A Clean Look Is A Great Look

It's important that the company you hire show up on time, perform the job requested and do so without breaking the bank.

From weekly drive-through visits to tenant clean outs, Desert Dogs are 100% dependable and ready to make your life (and properties) less cluttered.

Whether you own properties, operate as a realtor, or need your help in one of our communities, contact us today to learn more about these services and to get started on your free quote!


Let Us Take Care of Your Properties

We'll do the hard work. Whether you need us to do weekly drive-through visits removing trash and other debris from your communities, or need our help collecting bulk trash items from your residents, Desert Dogs are here to help you manage each of your properties to the highest possible standard.

Check out our list of services that we currently offer, and reach out if you have a special need or request. We'll come to a solution together!

Property Management / HOAs

Property Management Services

General Property Management

Our team of removal experts will drive through your entire property, removing large items left by insensitive tenants and pesky neighbors. We can even maintain your parking lots, keeping the paint fresh and your properties looking the part!

Tenant Clean-Outs

From a two-bedroom apartment to an office suite plus warehouse, Desert Dogs will remove the unwanted and leave the space ready for whatever comes next!

Demolition and Renovations

From flooring to walls, Desert Dogs demo teams are fast, efficient and ready to turn your space back into a blank canvas.

Storage Unit Maintenance

The sooner it’s empty, the sooner it generates income. We offer next day visits and will be quick and proficient. We’ll even sweep, leaving your space free of clutter, dust and cobwebs!

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