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Hauling For Hope

Giving Back Is Our Duty

Each month, Desert Dogs select someone from the community in need of our services. That lucky person receives our help planning and completing their project, free of charge!

We happily help elderly citizens, military veterans and others in need.

Desert Dogs also participate in other community events and causes, such as: Habitat for Humanity, Prescott Young Marines, the Reveille Foundation, Veteran Stand Downs and many others!

If you are aware of a family or person who would benefit from our services, please fill out the following application and let us know!


Past Projects

Giving Back to Our Communities

Desert Dogs have been fortunate enough to meet many great people across the State of Arizona! One of our favorite things to do is give back to our communities, and help those who are not in a spot to help themselves. Browse our photos from past projects, and reach out if you have a suitable candidate for one of the upcoming months!

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